Best 2018 Android Apps You Should Download Today

The year 2018 has been a year update and upload of new android apps on the Google playstore.

On this post I decided to list some great apps on Google playstore with exciting featues that make using a smartphone much more easy and smooth.

  • Authy

Authy generates 2-Step Verification codes on your phone. If someone manages to know the password of your online account, they still can’t get in without the generated code.

Download Authy On Playstore Here

  • NewPipe

The best Android app for playing YouTube videos in the background while you work on other apps. Includes audio and video download capabilities as well and thus is missing from the official

  • Protect

A free VPN and data manager app from Facebook that lets you monitor your mobile data usage, blocks apps from using data in the background and includes VPN to save your information when connected to public Wi-Fi.

Download Protect On Playstore Here

  • Quickly

Put your most frequently used apps and contacts in the notification bar and access them from any screen by simply swiping down the notification drawer.

Download Quickly On Playstore Here

  • Grammarly

Grammarly adds sophisticated spelling and grammar checking to every app on your phone. Whether you are writing a Facebook post or a message on WhatsApp, you’ll never make any embarrassing errors again.
Download Grammarly On Playstore Here

  • Files Go

Running out of space on your Android? Files Go by Google will help you easily identify all the unused apps, duplicate files, and other temporary files that may be clogging your phone.

Download FilesGo On Playstore Here

  • Checky

Addicted to the phone? This app will help you figure out how many times do you check your phone per day. You can also see historical data to understand how your phone usage patterns have changed over time.

Download Checky On Playstore Here

  • SMS Organizer

The best SMS app for Android that treats your text messages like email. You can apply filters to automatically sort incoming messages in folders and permanently block spam senders like all those disturbing text messages from our network providers in Nigeria.

Download SMS Organizer On Playstore

  • Find My Device

Easily locate your lost phone. it plays a sound when the device is nearby and you have the option to remotely wipe your lost Android device so the data cannot be seen by others.

Download Find My Device On Playstore

I hope you find all the exciting apps useful as you continue using your smartphone and do not forget to get Cheap mobile data across all networks in Nigeria at

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