How To Save Up Your Phone Storage With Google Photos

I don’t really know if I am the only one with friends whose smartphone is a very big house for fun memories i.e Photos and videos.

Or are you also like these people that even if you buy them 256Gig memory space smartphone, you will still need to buy external space card to save their photos and videos?

Well if you fall to those category then you need to try out Google photos today, Google photos is a hassle free backups: all your photos and videos are automatically up to the cloud, so you won’t lose your favorite memories.

If you’re moving to a new phone, all of your old photos are available just by signing in.

Here’s how to free up space in Google Photos!

  • Download And Open the Google Photos app
  • Tap the three-line icon in the upper left corner.
  • Tap Free up space.
  • You’ll see a summary of how much space can be freed from your phone. When you’re ready, tap Free up X MB

And If you have a bunch of photos to backup and you are thinking of Mobile Data to use when backing up your files, there is a wifi option which you can set the app to back up whenever you are using WiFi although Data is very cheap sha especially when you are using Kobodata, You can check out our Data Plans today.

You can try out the app today and start saving up more space on your smartphone

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